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Welcome to the Institute of Production Systems

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We work with innovative approaches in the areas of System Design, Production System Dynamics, Digital Manufacturing and Smart Quality. The focus is on researching and designing technical as well as socio-technical work systems.

In addition to the work in teaching and research, the IPS offers a wide range of consulting and services.


The Institute of Production Systems was founded in 2012 and emerged from the former Chair of Work and Production Systems (APS). In addition to 15 other chairs, departments and institutes, the institute is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Dortmund University, where students from different study programs, e.g. industrial engineering and logistics, come together. The institute is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse, who was appointed to the former APS in 2005. Since 2019, he has been heading the institute together with Dr.-Ing. Ralph Richter. They are supported by the deputy director of the institute, René Wöstmann.

Since the 1980s, the research of the Institute has concentrated on the analysis and design of production systems, based on the research conducted by the predecessor chairs LFV and APS. Innovative approaches from the fields of Industrial Data Science, Automation Technology, Digital Factory and Lean Production are at the heart of the research, which are linked to the established approaches of Industrial Engineering.

In interdisciplinary teams, around 40 employees from the disciplines of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, business mathematics, statistics, logistics and computer science are currently conducting research both in basic and applied research. The development of competencies in university teaching and industrial practice plays an important role. In this way, the IPS transfers the knowledge gained into university teaching and supports industrial partners with a broad range of consulting and services. The Institute's work focuses on the research and design of technical and socio-technical work systems, from which the four research areas are derived: Work Systems Designs, Production System Dynamics, Digital Manufacturing and Smart Quality. Research is conducted here on an interdisciplinary basis in the subject areas of Industrial Data Science (application of data mining and machine learning processes in the context of industrial production), simulation of production systems and inherent material flows and variability management.

Closely networked with companies and associations within and outside the region, the IPS offers a wide range of consulting and services in addition to teaching and research within the framework of industrial contract research.

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