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Scientific Qualification

Scientific Processing of Industry-related Tasks

Writing a scientific thesis at the Institute of Production Systems offers you optimal preparation for a career in science and in practice. Oriented towards current and relevant topics, you can develop a scientific treatment of industry-related tasks with the help of sound supervision.

Foundations and Goals

Scientific Work at the IPS

Within the scope of our projects, we offer final theses for students of engineering and information technology courses. You can take up future-oriented and innovative topics in the context of production systems. Your basic aim should be to contribute to scientific progress. This requires documenting the state of the art in research and drawing independent conclusions or building on this through your own research. For a scientific paper, it is about dealing with a specific issue in a critical and differentiated way.

The goal of the scientific processing of industry-related tasks is the reproduction of the knowledge learned in combination with the identification of problems and the focused development of solutions. You should intensively familiarise yourself with the selected and agreed topic and deal with the current state of research in this field. Last but not least, they are to be trained in the scientific method of working, which is characterised, among other things, by basic conditions such as objectivity, objectivity, good sources, general validity and correct citation.

The overall aim of writing a scientific paper is to show that you are able to work independently on a problem within a given period of time using scientific methods and to present the results clearly and comprehensibly. In addition to the written paper, an oral presentation of the work carried out and the results achieved must also be given.

Location & approach

Technische Universität Dortmund

Institut für Produktionssysteme / IPS

Leonhard-Euler-Str. 5

Gebäude MB I

44227 Dortmund

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Otto-Hahn-Straße 6

Raum: C1-02-177

(Entry 31)

44227 Dortmund

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