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Designing Modern Production Systems through Practice-Oriented Research

Research Projects at the IPS

The diverse requirements for the design of modern production systems result in various research questions, the answers to which are addressed in individual and joint projects and cooperation in scientific networks. 

In the following you will find the current research projects of the IPS.

Completed research projects can be found here.


Networked and Integrated Application of Industrial Data Analysis for Value-Creating, Competence-Oriented Collaboration in Dynamic Value Networks


Digital Cooperation Platform for Agile, Distributed Development of Production Systems

DaPro (project processing is carried out by RIF e.V.)

Data-driven Process Optimisation with the Help of Machine Learning in the Beverage Industry

DiKueRec (project processing is carried out by RIF e.V.)

Utilization of digital twins for efficient control of recycling processes in the use-case of refrigerating appliances recycling

ML2KMU (project processing is carried out by RIF e.V.)

Concept for the development of machine learning competencies for plant manufacturers and manufacturing SMEs

PrEPFlow (project processing is carried out by RIF e.V.)

Prediction of dynamic bottlenecks in aligned material flow systems using Machine Learning

Smart Assembly

Development of a novel self-learning gripper system and adaptation of reinforcement learning algorithms as extension of existing lightweight robots for flexible PCB assembly using Through Hole Technology (THT)

SFB 876 - Teilprojekt B3

Availability of Information through Analysis under Resource Constraints


SimUltane Product and Process Development of a Charging Station Outlet Module Suitable for Automation


Systematic use of exoskeletons in production and logistics


System for adaptive photonic surface testing with adaptive image evaluation in combination with a cleaning system

Taktarbeit - Montage

Integration of activity-specific load alternation to reduce the physical demands during takt work

Location & approach

Technische Universität Dortmund

Institut für Produktionssysteme / IPS

Leonhard-Euler-Str. 5

Gebäude MB I

44227 Dortmund

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Otto-Hahn-Straße 6

Raum: C1-02-177

(Entry 31)

44227 Dortmund

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The facilities of TU Dortmund University are spread over two campuses, the larger Campus North and the smaller Campus South. Additionally, some areas of the university are located in the adjacent "Technologiepark".

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