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Faculty of mechanical engineering

Basic MTM

processes. In view of demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, special attention is therefore paid to the next generation of engineers and their competence in MTM. With the Basic MTM training and the qualifications that build on it, young engineers are able to model cyclical processes economically and ergonomically, identify optimisation potential, design low-waste target processes and adapt the MTM process language to the respective processes - skills and abilities that are often also a hiring criterion for companies.

The Basic MTM course is specially tailored to university and technical college students who want to acquire basic knowledge and skills for designing and optimising work processes using MTM parallel to their studies. This compact training is condensed in terms of content (up to 33 % higher workload per time unit) and is offered to students at greatly reduced rates. After successful completion of the examination, official certificates are issued by the MTM Association . The course forms the basis for further courses, such as the MTM practitioner, which is widely used in the industry.

Contents of the MTM training for students:

  • MTM-1 (MTM Basic System) and
  • MTM-UAS (Universal Analysing System)

Dates & Application

  • Before the start of each semester (end of March and end of September).
  • Moodle: [Seminar Series IE] MTM-Basic Training (MTM-1 / UAS)
  • No enrolment key required
  • Please contact RIF e.V. directly if you have any questions regarding the MTM course: seminarreihe-ierif-evde


Students of engineering, business administration or industrial engineering


Ongoing university or technical college studies (matriculation certificate) or training as a state-recognised technician (full-time at least two years; part-time at least four years)


  • 10 days as a block course (MTM-1 = 6 days and MTM-UAS = 4 days)
  • In each case from 8:00 a.m. to approx. 6:00 p.m.
  • Examinations on the 4th and 10th day of the course, each lasting 4.5 hours
  • Approx. 400,- € (Regular: 3430,-€)
  • Incl: Working documents, taking the exams and issuing the certificates.

REFA Basic Training 4.0

Terms such as work system, time data, processes, costs or structural and procedural organisation are certainly familiar to you. But what is really behind them in the world of work? In this first part of the REFA basic training 4.0 you will familiarise yourself with this and with many practical methods around the analysis and design of processes.

Contents of the Course

The performance and success of a company are decisively influenced by the design of processes and workplaces. For this purpose, operational data must be professionally determined so that optimisation potentials can be identified on the basis of real operational events and design tasks for workplaces and workflows can be efficiently implemented. The REFA basic training 2.0 provides the know-how, methods and tools for this.

If you have any questions about the REFA course, please contact REFA directly. You can find the direct contact hier.

Teaching Contents

  • Analysis and design of processes (part 1)
  • Determination and application of process data (part 2)
  • Concluding method training (part 3)

Dates & Application

During the semester as an evening event (summer- and winter semester)