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Practice-oriented basics

Fundamentals of Work and Business Organisation (FWBO)

The FWBO sets out the ergonomic and organisational principles of technical management for economic factory operation, taking into account people, technology and organisation.

Why are the topics of the FWBO so relevant?

This lecture focusses on the basics of working and business organization and its areas. To this belongs organizational, judicial and technical aspects of the working design (operational and organizational structure, compensation, managerial responsibility, elements of labor and collective bargaining law). The aim is to establish basic understanding for human-orientated design of socio-technical working systems. Therefore, the lecture additionally highlights the analytical mediation and methodical competences to the evaluation and design of working systems from the view of an ergonomic point as well as the interaction of men and machine. The lecture prepares students for in-depth courses of the institute of production systems.

Students sit in a lecture hall in the seminar building at the Campus North. © Felix Schmale​/​TU Dortmund

Our core topics

Core topics in the FWBO

  • Introduction to work and company organisation
  • Structural and operational organisation
  • Designing work and operational organisation
  • Operational goal cascading
  • Design of the working environment
  • Workplace design
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Employee management
  • Working time
  • Job evaluation
  • Performance and pay
  • Leadership and law

Our teaching concept for conveying basic knowledge in the course of the Bachelor's programme consists of a combination of weekly lectures (2 SWS) and coordinated exercises (1-2 SWS). We update the current schedule and room overview before the start of the semester. We attach great importance to an in-depth look at practice. Therefore, guest lectures by our industrial partners are an integral part of each lecture cycle. Thus, in addition to scientifically sound basic knowledge, you will directly gain an insight into how this is used in business practice.

Examinations are offered in the winter and summer semester. Please refer to the current examination dates page for the examination dates.

In order to support you in your exam preparation, we offer a mock exam under exam-like conditions. Of course, you can also contact the respective event supervisor directly with questions. Individual consultation appointments are available on request.


We use the Moodle learning platform to organise our courses. Current schedules, all lecture and exercise documents as well as examination results are made available here.

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