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Time Management

Time management data is an important basis for planning and decision-making for manufacturing companies in the strategic and operational environment. The areas of application range from product design and cost calculation to work system design, capacity planning and remuneration.

Methods of Time Management (formerly Work and Production Systems III)

Contents of the Course

Therefore, the lecture Methods of Time Management deals with time management in the context of industrial companies. Beyond the basic concepts of time management and the use of time data, selected methods of time data determination are presented, which represent the focus of the lecture and the exercise accompanying the lecture. The main focus is on the theoretical background and the procedure for applying the various methods of time data determination. This includes on the one hand the conception, the statistical background as well as the possibilities and limits of their application in theory and practice. In addition to established methods, innovative methods from research are also presented.

Furthermore, framework conditions for the application as well as practices for the selection of the individual methods will be conveyed. Guest lectures from industry complement the event and convey practical recommendations as well as success factors from industrial application. An integrated exercise on the topic of time management software forms the conclusion of the event, in which a continuous, digital process chain of time management is applied in interaction with the students.

Teaching Content

  • Basics of time management
  • Probability theory and statistics in the context of time management
  • REFA time study
  • Planned time modules
  • Comparison, estimation and self-recording of time data
  • Systems of predetermined times (Work Factor, MTM)
  • Multimoment studies
  • Calculating and simulating time data
  • Innovative methods of time management
  • Process chain of time management
  • Use of hardware (ORTIM a5, smartphone, tablet) and software (ORTIMzeit, ORTIMplan, SAP CAPP Knowledge, TiCon and Plant Simulation) in the context of time management


The lecture and exercise dates of MZW follow the usual guidelines of the TU Dortmund University.

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The examination consists of a written paper (duration: 60 minutes).

The same examination contents apply to the examination in the summer semester and the examination in the following winter semester. Examination restrictions are not made.

Location & approach

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