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Faculty of mechanical engineering

Exoskeletons - entering the construction industry with the AWExo research project

Das Bild zeigt einen Mann von hinten, der ein Exoskelett trägt. Der Mann trägt ein graues T-Shirt und befindet sich in einer industriellen Umgebung mit Regalen und Paletten im Hintergrund. Das Exoskelett ist schwarz und unterstützt den Rücken und die Schultern des Mannes. © Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA

The first meeting of the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) for the AWExo research project at the beginning of July marked a first step towards the increased use of exoskeletons in the construction industry. 19 companies and associations are supporting the project on the impact and acceptance of exoskeletons in the construction industry.

After the start of the project in June this year, the first meeting of the PMC in the IGF-funded research project AWExo took place on 3 July.  Together with our project partner, the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the DGUV (IFA), RIF e.V. introduced the topic of exoskeletons and their supporting effect to interested companies.

In addition to companies and trade associations from the construction industry, the PMC also includes manufacturers and developers of exoskeletons. The PMC will also serve as a network for users and developers and will help to make the specific needs of the construction industry visible. As part of the project, companies from the construction industry are helping us to conduct a study on the acceptance and impact of exoskeletons. To this end, the first PMC meeting has started to identify use cases and scenarios for the application of exoskeletons in companies together with the user companies.

During the course of the project, the participating exoskeleton developers will support us in the introduction of exoskeletons in the user companies and in the development of information workshops specifically for the construction industry. Already at the first PMC meeting, we were actively supported by the manufacturer ottobock to make the back-supporting exoskeletons used in the project tangible for the other participants in a self-experiment.

A visit to the cyber-physical brewing laboratory of RIF e.V. rounded off the PMC meeting and provided an opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere during a beer tasting.

We would like to thank the companies represented in the PMC for their commitment. Other interested parties are cordially invited to participate. Please visit our project website or contact us. We are looking forward to a lively exchange.