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Faculty of mechanical engineering

SFB 696

Automated Maintenance of Material Handling Systems


The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 696 "Demand-oriented Design of Intralogistics Systems - Logistics on Demand" was set up at TU Dortmund University in July 2006 to develop analytical methods and technologies for the demand-oriented design and organisation of intralogistics systems. The aim is to close the gap currently created by rapidly changing requirements (demands) such as "just in time", "just in sequence" production concepts, exponentially growing data volumes and new forms of delivery on the one hand and, on the other, comparatively inflexible intralogistics systems that are costly to purchase, operate and maintain. The German "intralogistics sector" - i.e. conveyor and storage technology, automation, software and material flow systems - has a leading market share in Europe (2002: over 50 %) and is also well ahead of the USA and Japan in terms of turnover on the world market.

Objectives/ Approach

In twelve sub-projects, one of which is being carried out at the University of Wuppertal, the aim is to make the current and future requirements of users, including product-accompanying service, more central to the product development of intralogistics systems. The vision is to create the methodical and technical basis for flexible intralogistics systems that automatically react to changes, check themselves and repair themselves.

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